Chinese teams have expressed dissatisfaction with the dates kval DreamLeague


06 January 2019 15:40


A number of representatives of the teams from China have criticized the holding of regional qualifications for the third major season - DreamLeague Season 11. This is due to the fact that the qualifiers in China will be held February 4-6, on the eve of the Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year.

So, PSG.LGD manager Pan Fei said that the organizers did not take into account the interests of the Chinese teams in the preparation of the schedule.

In my opinion, this schedule does not take into account the interests of the Chinese teams. For example, fy as a father of two children would undoubtedly like to spend time with his family during the Spring Festival, because this is the most important traditional Chinese holiday. But this schedule is very inconvenient for local teams.

The 2014 International champion, now coaching EHOME, Zhang "'Xiao8'" Ning, also expressed discontent.

Such a schedule forces us to miss the Spring Festival, we can not even take a break. We must continue to train hard.

The exact date of the Chinese New Year is determined on the basis of the lunar phases. This year the festivities will start on February 5th.

Recall, according to the new format of rating tournaments, regardless of merit, all teams must prove their right to participate in the major / major through a sieve of regional qualifying.

Earlier, the organizers announced the schedule of open and closed qualifications DreamLeague Season 11 - the third major of the current game year. Thus, in the CIS, South-East Asia and South America, the closed selection will take place on February 1-3, and in North America, Europe and China - on February 4-6. The final part of the tournament will be held a month later in Stockholm.