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На странице представлен список команд кс го. Обратите внимание на сумму призовых и сравните процент побед
На странице представлен список команд кс го. Обратите внимание на сумму призовых и сравните процент побед

Cybersports teams CS: GO: TOP-5 of the best teams

On the professional stage, there are thousands of esports teams on CS: GO, one replaces the other, some (for example, OG) break through to the TOP level, and some (like Nemiga) remain at the bottom of the table without reaching the top of the rating. But there are compositions that forever entered the history of Counter Strike GO. About them and will be discussed below.

5th place - Fnatic (JW, flusha, pronax, KRiMZ, olofmeister)

The Swedish e-sports team that came straight from the previous part of the game CS: GO, CS 1.6 (where it occupied high places in the rating tables). Throughout 2015, they annihilated the professional scene, and even managed to win eight tournaments in a row. But when I had to taste the bitterness of defeat (a tournament in which the team did not even reach the final), the players could not stand it and dispersed.

Reshuffles followed, and like a phoenix, gamers rose from the ashes, after replacements they began to destroy again. And yet they were not able to repeat the previous success, so the team again broke up in the summer of 2016.

For the entire duration of the CS: GO game, the organization earned $ 4,707,971, which is the first prize result among all the CS: GO teams.

4th Place - LDLC (shox, Happy, kioShiMa, SmithZz, NBK)

In 2015, no one could stop the Swedes from Fnatic. However, a year earlier they had serious competitors - LDLC.

Unsuccessful performances demanded changes in the French team, and this gave a positive result - the players began to play in a new way, immediately took first place on the SLTV StarSeries 11. After a while, they even won the major - DreamHack Winter 2014. However, in mid-2015 the composition completely changed the organization and already performed under the auspices of the Envyus clan. And despite the absence of high-profile victories after, statistically they were still a strong team: only twice out of 19 tournaments did not get into TOP-4.

Since at that time the prize money differed from the current one in a smaller direction, the team managed to earn $ 650,000. This is barely enough to occupy the tenth place in the table of the richest CS: GO teams.

3rd place - NIP (GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, Xizt, friberg, Fifflaren)

The phenomenal Swedish team, which was considered invincible for two years, beginning in August 2012 and ending in November 2014. The fact is that they were the first to gain access to the new version of the game KS: GO, and began to practice hard there, because they realized what kind of this game is the future. From 2012 to 2013, Ninja in Pajamas played eighty-seven official cards, and did not lose a single one, they constantly occupied only the first places. So far, no one has even come close to such a result.

The composition is unsurpassed (even after strong rearrangements it showed good results), therefore, for eight years he earned $ 2,587,154.

2 Place - Virtus.Pro (TaZ, NEO, pashaBiceps, byali, Snax)

Amazing CS: GO roster that has been at the top of the ranking for four years. Two facts made the team exceptional: its members come from Poland (this is a rarity even in our time), they were quite mature (25 years old, average age at that time).

In the history of the esports scene, it was the longest-playing CS: GO team, without substitutions (from October 2014 to January 2018). Their main motto was a phrase that clearly characterized them: "We do not change players, we change roles."

There were not so many big victories, but there was stability. Each time, after dysband predicted after unsuccessful results, they returned stronger than before, and proved the opposite. However, in 2018, the Virtus.Pro era came to an end. After a failure in the open qualifiers for the next tournament, they parted, for example, TaZ moved to another team, and pashaBiceps ended his career.

$ 3 023 570 - the composition has earned so much that it gives the right to get into the leaderboard (TOP-3 of the richest teams in the CS: GO).

1st Place - Natus Vincere (Zeus, Edward, seized, Guardian, flamie)

There is no such person in e-sports, and especially in the discipline of the COP: GO, who would not know this team. Starix's coming to the role of trainer in 2014 and buying flamie are the best decisions that led to victories.

Thanks to the shuffling, the team received more individual performance, team power. From that moment, everyone played their part, and as a result, NaVi became one of the most stable, recognizable eSports teams, and are so to this day.

The most important achievement is the victory at ESL One Katowice 2015.

Natus Vincere earned $ 3,580,782, this is the second prize for the e-sports history of the existence of the COP: GO.

On our e-sports website you can find the current list of CS: GO teams. In the table you will see the number of matches played, earnings, win percentage.